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Labworks 24-Hour Service Response Line


Preventative Maintenance Inspection Program (PMIP)

Available in multi-year contracts.

Labworks Certified PMIP contract ensures your scientific grade environmental room continues to provide precise and reliable operation. Factory trained technicians perform preventative maintenance on serviceable components, as well as a complete inspection of the chamber, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment and controls. Included in the inspection is a calibration of the temperature and humidity sensors on an annual basis. Emergency service and repairs are completed at a preferred customer rate during the length of the contract.

Environmental room preventative maintenance

Comprehensive Service Program (CSP)

Available in 3yr, 5yr and 10yr contracts.

Labworks Certified CSP contract provides the best value and cost certainty for your Labworks environmental room. Under the CSR program Labworks provides quarterly service, annual calibration, emergency calls, and parts replacement at no additional cost. Software updates, where applicable, are included for the controller software and off-site emergency backup software is included. Your environmental room is consistently maintained with no surprise bills.

Labworks customer service


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Benefits of Labworks Certified Service

  • 24/hr, 7 day per week service response.
  • Guaranteed 4 hour response, 24 hour on site for emergency calls.
  • Access to all service records and calibration certificates.
  • Labworks ‘next day’ inventory for most common parts.
  • Online access to service manuals.
  • Labworks University online learning channel for training videos and applications.
  • Preferred rates for system/component upgrades.
  • Preferred discounts for additional Labworks products.