Opened new office in North Carolina, USA

University of Guelph

Labworks International Inc. designed and installed 10 controlled environment rooms and two large animal carcass storage rooms (approximately 400 ft² each and 25 ft high) in conjunction with the carcass rail manufacturers, so that the carcass rail was carefully coordinated with the large passage doors.

The rooms featured unique disinfection and washdown solutions and included redundant refrigeration cycles to ensure temperature is maintained at all times. Careful coordination was also provided with the hydraulic animal autopsy tables.

Purdue University

Labworks was contracted by Labcrafters to fulfil the unique needs of this veterinary research facility at the prestigious Purdue University in Indiana.

Labworks designed and installed six unique animal holding rooms for specialized physiological canine research. The unique rooms were pressure-controlled environments and featured built-in medical gas services and utilities directly moulded into the sandwiched wall panels to create a safe/flush and hygiene environment.

Each room was approximately 70 ft.² with a variable vertical pocket sash door with built-in ventilation ports. The stainless-steel construction will provide many years of reliable cleaning and disinfection while providing a self-contained analytical research suite.