Opened new office in North Carolina, USA

Labworks International has been a leading supplier of precision-controlled environments for the Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences industry for the past 18 years. From COVID-19 vaccine storage rooms to controlled environmental rooms, we provide custom turn-key solutions to drive support and innovation in the industry.

Our team of experts at Labworks International understands the unique demands of clients seeking to outsource, build, or upgrade their research facilities. With our expertise, you can expect state-of-the-art products and extensive application support to end-use customers.

All of the rooms at Labworks are designed using BIM software such as Revit by industry experts that are highly trained in all relevant standards of design, construction, and operation of cleanroom and controlled environment facilities. Our installations are also certified to meet the required performance level and specific regulatory standards of the Life Science industry. Based on Six-Sigma and ISO 9000, our Quality Management Program utilizes stage-gate reviews and a feedback system to ensure quality at every stage.

Vaccine storage rooms

COVID-19 Vaccine Storage and Handling

Labworks International designs and builds validated and compliant Classified Controlled Environmental Rooms and freezers for the storage, manufacturing and research for the Pharmaceutical and Vaccine industry, including for viruses such as the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Case Study: Sanofi Pasteur Canadian Headquarters, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Labworks International was involved in the development and construction Building 100 in support of state-of-the-art vaccine manufacturing operations at Sanofi Pasteur. This initiative consisted of ten Grade C cold cleanrooms, three Grade C warm cleanrooms, a controlled environment room, using pharma grade cleanroom modular panels, custom equipment, and more.

Constant Temperature Freezers

At Labworks International, we offer custom walk-in low-temperature freezer designs for a multitude of Life Science/ Pharma applications where temperature deviations and defrost cycles are undesirable and unacceptable.

Our unique refrigeration cycles and defrosting methods can ensure quick and effective defrost cycles without impacting the primary space temperature. Our systems incorporate technology that ensures defrosting capability as needed year-round while maintaining the quality and longevity of the entire system.

Case Study: Canadian Blood Services

Labworks provided validated spaces of over 5000 sq. ft. for essential processing of blood plasma and packaging by Canadian Blood Services. This included seven validated coolers, six validated freezers, and four non-classified anti-rooms.

Constant temperature freezers
Walk-in low temperature freezers
Low temperature freezers
Constant temperature freezers

Cold Rooms (2C-8C)

Our team of professional engineering and construction professionals has extensive experience designing, temperature-mapping and constructing cold rooms that are reliable and repeatable with outstanding performance results.

Utilizing industry-standard computerized C.F.D models, we are able to ensure that the room achieves extremely accurate and repeatable temperature distribution, even after racking and product storage is in place.

Case Study: Lonza Biologics, New Hampshire, U.S.

Labworks International led the design and construction management of the new expansion of an existing large-scale production facility at Lonza Biologics. The project consisted of a validated cold room and an explosion-proof validated cold room to house the company’s growing mammalian cell culture portfolio and cGMP custom manufacturing. On top of this, we also installed a validated constant temperature freezer for vaccine storage.

Cold Rooms
Cold Rooms

Stability Chambers

Labworks provides a complete range of ICH standard stability chamber designs with flexible performance parameters to fit your specific needs. Our designs can meet the changing requirements of product or drug stability testing and deliver stable rooms at temperatures ranging from 25C/30RH to 40C/75RH which are compliant to ICH standards.

Our solutions are designed to provide:

  • A high degree of accuracy, stability, reliability as well as repeatability
  • Maximum longevity and uptime with minimum maintenance
  • Simple operation process and non-proprietary part sources
Stability chambers
Stability chambers from Labworks
Stability chamber installation
Stability chambers

Case Study: Gilead, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

In order to accommodate Gilead’s growing clinical research and investigational drugs programs, Labworks led the design, engineering and construction management of the facility’s expansion in 2018. The project included an explosion-proof validated storage room stabilized at 2-8C and 100% redundant mechanical systems.

Clean Rooms

Labworks International delivers customized modular cleanrooms with independent third-party certification to ISO standards. Whether it is for applications in Research, Healthcare, Life Sciences, or Manufacturing, we have the expertise to design, manufacture and install complete turn-key solutions to meet your unique cleanroom needs. Our cleanrooms feature:

  • Modular construction with high-quality pharma-grade aluminum/honeycomb panels
  • Walkable structural ceilings for ease of service and access
  • uPVC, stainless steel or static dissipative finishes
  • Dedicated HVAC systems, including HEPA or ULPA filtration as required
  • Industrial-grade PLC-based control systems
  • Sealed cleanroom-grade lighting fixtures
  • Full range of hoods, pass-throughs, and furniture from leading suppliers
  • Flexibility to suit any space
Customized clean rooms
Environmental clean rooms
Clean rooms
Customized clean rooms

Case Study: Mayo Clinic

Labworks International provided design and engineering services for the development of a new Advanced Manufacturing Center for Regenerative Products at one of Mayo Clinic’s many locations.

This facility will be used to create products for regenerative therapies and includes Grade B/C cleanrooms covering 4500 sq. ft., large common processing areas, and five independent cleanroom suites with pharma-grade cleanroom modular panels, a modular interlocked door system, and HEPA filtration.