Opened new office in North Carolina, USA

Labworks International is a leading North American supplier of mortuary rooms, body storage systems, body transporters, and autopsy suites. From design and supply to installation and commissioning, we provide comprehensive services to healthcare institutions of all sizes.

Morgue and mortuary cold rooms

At Labworks, we understand the importance and sensitivity in the matter of storing the deceased. That’s why we strive to respond quickly and construct facilities on a fast-track process basis without sacrificing quality.

Our extensive refrigeration experience allows us to design and deliver projects quickly and efficiently. We also only use local materials and products so that the process is streamlined and without delay.

As our client, you can expect full support from our team in determining the best approach to upgrading your mortuary facility or equipment. We provide expert assistance with conceptual layouts, equipment selection, budget pricing, and scheduling. Our experience over many installations brings practical knowledge to assist in project development.

Body Storage Cold Rooms

Labworks cold rooms and freezers for forensic and mortuary use are custom-built to suit your site requirements. Our morgue and mortuary cold rooms feature prefabricated or custom-built walk-in refrigeration systems that are engineered to maximize usable space.

Using LabTech top-mounted refrigeration units, we are able to achieve ultimate performance with no impedance in the free space within a room. All our systems also feature full 100% redundancy with automated emergency switch over and notification. We offer custom finishes, shelving layout options, and carbon filtration systems to meet your facility’s specific needs and capacity requirements.

Morgue and mortuary cold rooms
Body storage cold rooms
Mortuary cold rooms
Morgue and mortuary cold rooms

Autopsy Suites

At Labworks, we offer complete autopsy suite equipment fit-outs to prepare your laboratory for use. From autopsy tables to grossing stations and dissecting tables, we carry equipment from leading manufacturers in the industry and can customize them to suit your particular requirements.

Autopsy suite
Autopsy suite equipment
Autopsy suite components
Autopsy suite

Morgue Equipment

Labworks International designs and manufactures a complete line of laboratory, forensic, and pathology equipment for laboratories, hospitals, and teaching environments. This includes:

  • Cadaver storage and lifts
  • Customized body lifts
  • Autopsy sink stations
  • Pathology grossing workstations
  • Pedestal autopsy tables
  • Anatomy dissecting tables
  • Decedent lifts/ carriers/ trays, including bariatric options
  • Laboratory workstations
Cadaver storage and lifts
Morgue equipment
Mortuary equipment
Cadaver storage and lifts