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Labworks International understands the importance and challenge of meeting the stringent requirements and protocol standards in healthcare environments.

Our staff are specifically trained in designing and installing solutions in hospital environments, including infection control, safety regulations, Canadian Standards Association requirements, and FDA standards.

We offer specialized and custom-designed climatic-controlled environmental rooms to suit your needs, whether it is pharmaceutical storage, food preparation, blood products storage, laboratory storage, or body storage.

USP 797 Compliant Pharmacy Rooms

Labworks International is a leading supplier of modular cleanroom solutions for the Healthcare, Research, and Pharmaceutical industries.

We build turnkey modular cleanrooms and guarantee compliance with the latest codes and standards, including USP 797, USP 800, NAPRA Model Standards, and all relevant building codes. Our installations are complete solutions including our modular cleanroom panels, dedicated HVAC equipment, casework, benching and fume hoods.

At Labworks, our experts will help you meet the performance requirements as mandated by standards and codes, from the design and materials to the installation and set-up of your new cleanroom facility.

Our in-house team of engineers and project managers have been trained and certified on the specific requirements of high-performance cleanrooms. They will take care of every aspect of the project from initial design to on-site installation, so you can continue doing what you do best—serving your patients.

We strive to exceed industry standards and offer a full 2-year parts and labour warranty on all of our installations.
USP 797 compliant pharmacy rooms

Wall Systems

Labworks utilizes a modular wall system specifically designed for Pharmaceutical installations. The solution is ideal for both retrofits and new construction as it is flexible enough to suit almost any space.

The construction of the wall/ceiling system is honeycomb aluminum panels with uPVC surfaces, coves, and chemically welded joints. The wall system incorporates windows, door systems, electrical services, and provisions for equipment.
Freezer rooms

Design Support

Labworks is fully equipped to assist your design team or procurement group in determining the best approach to upgrading your pharmacy. Our cleanroom designs focus on quality and user functionality while ensuring a long lifespan and ease of service. We provide assistance with conceptual layouts, budget pricing, equipment selection, and scheduling.
Cold rooms


Whether you intend to install new equipment or re-utilize your existing casework and hoods, we’re able to adapt the installation to suit your needs. Let our engineers sweat the details to ensure all equipment is properly serviced, installed, and commissioned so that there are no surprises!
Food preparation areas

Freezer Rooms

At Labworks International, we offer custom walk-in low-temperature freezer room designs that maximize space and ease of operation. Our systems incorporate technology that ensures quick and effective defrost cycles with little temperature disturbance in the room. Other features include:

  • Dual fans and high-temperature ball bearing motors for quiet operation
  • Factory assembly and full testing in our factory environmental chamber
  • LEED driven design
  • Flexible custom applications
  • Simple and easy-to-use control systems
  • No internal cooling coils, drain lines and suspended plastic egg crate ceilings
Food preparation areas

Cold Rooms

Labworks offers a unique advantage in our cold room installations. We have developed the first pre-packaged refrigeration unit that mounts above the cold room with no parts inside the space. Our LabTech unit is low-profile, light-weight, self-contained, and perfect for redundant system applications. No drain lines, no cooling coils, and 100% usable room volume.

Some of our cold room features include:

  • Low GWP refrigerant R448A
  • Temperature flexibility from +4C to +37C without electric heat
  • LEED driven design
  • Quick installation
  • Operational use in 6-8 hours

Food Preparation Areas

Labworks provides a complete solution for food preparation areas including conditioned space, equipment racking and work tables, as well as transport equipment as needed. Special attention is paid to design details to ensure proper ventilation and humidity control of the space, as well as ergonomic factors for employees.

Specialty Rooms

From pharmaceutical storage and blood banks to incubators and research laboratories, Labworks International can create a custom design that meets your environmental room requirements.

We offer a full range of room construction with standard or redundant systems, insulated panel construction, and full industrial-grade control with BACNET compatibility to most BAS systems. From initial design to final installation and commission, we deliver a complete turn-key package to all our healthcare clients.