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Labworks Scientific Grade Reach-In stability chambers are ideal for storage and testing of products requiring precision temperature and humidity control. Designed to comply with FDA (21 CFR part 11) and Health Canada standards, these units can be part of a validated (ICH) product storage system for storage of pharmaceutical or other temperature-sensitive products, or as part of a process requiring conditioning of material under strict conditions.

The Labtech R-Series reach in chambers are available with a full range of options including stainless steel interior and shelving, humidification, dehumidification, light shelves, and more. Available in two convenient sizes (27.6 cu ft and 59.3 cu ft), configured to fit through most standard doors, and runs off of a standard 120V, 20Amp power plug, the Labtech R-Series can be easily installed and made operational.

The LABTECH R-Series chambers are customizable! Additional kits are available allowing researchers to convert the reach-in stability chamber to adapt to a variety of conditions that require different airflow direction, temperatures, and humidity requirements.

Two Chambers. Unlimited Applications.

The LABTECH R-Series reach in stability chamber is customizable!

The scientific-grade LABTECH R-Series stability chambers are designed to fit through a standard commercial doorway and ship in one piece requiring minimal assembly with easy installation in any research lab. With foamed-in-place CFC-free insulation, painted galvanized steel exterior and galvannealed interior, the LABTECH R-Series chambers are highly durable, resistant to corrosion, and easy to clean, operate and maintain.

Additional kits are available allowing researchers to convert the reach in stability chamber to adapt to a variety of conditions that require different airflow direction, temperatures, and humidity requirements.


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Labtech LRC-780 single door Reach-In Environment Chamber

Scientific Grade with design and performance to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.
Labtech LRC-780 single door reach-in environment chamber

Labtech LRC-1680 double door Reach-In Environment Chamber

Expanded capacity with all of the capabilities of the LRC-780 unit.
Labtech LRC-1680 double door reach-in environment chamber

Features of Reach-in Chambers

The safety and reliability of medical devices are essential when testing. One essential stage of the testing process is ensuring the device produces a fast response, can be controlled by temperature and humidity conditions, and can last for many years to come. Let’s take a closer look at reach-in chambers and their features.

Fast Response

Reach-in chambers run consistently for long periods at a stable temperature with or without humidity. With this kind of reliable method for reducing space in a laboratory, you can get a quick response with testing. What’s more, when you compare walk-in chambers with reach-in chambers, in the samples that are produced, they can be moved to another reach-in chamber, and you can still get a prompt response.

Temperature and Humidity-controlled

Reach-in chambers are known to be temperature and humidity-controlled environmental units that supply consistent levels of conditions for testing and storage purposes.

There are various ways to use reach-in chambers to achieve different levels of heat to produce different atmospheres. The ongoing effects of a fluctuating range of temperatures can be used to examine the framework of a specific part or product.

When it comes to humidity-controlled environments, reach-in chambers can prevent mould formation. By conducting various tests in humidity-controlled reach-in chambers, it can distinguish the reaction of the tested material in different conditions involving extreme temperature changes concerning humidity.

Long-term Stability

Since the use of reach-in chambers is primarily for testing products, they offer long-term stability by simulating aging processes in a controlled environment.

With their electronic configurations to meet specific test requirements and governmental regulations in industries such as healthcare, electronics, cosmetics, food and beverage, packaging, and more, reach-in chambers are always set to their default factory settings to fulfill your testing criteria, which provide stable outcomes and results.

Benefits of Reach-in Chambers for Various Industries

It’s Easy to Move

Reach-in chambers are bigger than bench-top versions. Since they are made with wheels and they sit on the floor, they can be easily moved from one place to another.

Footprint Is Tiny

Reach-in chambers are equipped with advanced technologies that provide maximum test space while offering a relatively small footprint.

Convenient to Use

Since reach-in chambers are compact and easy to move, they are convenient to use in manufacturing facilities for a variety of industries such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, electronics, food and beverage, packaging, and more.

Vaccine storage rooms

Labworks International designs and builds validated and compliant cold rooms and freezers for the storage, manufacturing and research for the vaccine industry for viruses like Coronavirus (COVID19).

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What sizes and configurations are available for Labworks International's reach-in chambers?

Labworks International offers a range of sizes and configurations for reach-in chambers to accommodate different user requirements. We provide standard sizes, and our team can also customize the dimensions, shelving, and other features to fit specific needs.

Can Labworks International integrate additional features or accessories into their reach-in chambers?

Yes, Labworks International can integrate additional features and accessories into reach-in chambers based on specific requirements. These may include lighting options, adjustable shelves, data logging capabilities, access ports, and more. Our team can work with you to customize the chamber to meet your needs.

What control options are available for Labworks International's reach-in chambers?

Labworks International's reach-in chambers offer various control options, including advanced digital control systems with user-friendly interfaces. Users can set and monitor temperature, humidity, and other parameters with precision to ensure accurate and repeatable test conditions

Can Labworks International provide support and maintenance for their reach-in chambers?

Absolutely! Labworks International offers comprehensive support and maintenance services for our reach-in chambers. We provide routine maintenance checks, calibration services, technical assistance, and prompt response to any inquiries or issues that may arise.

Can Labworks International assist with the installation and setup of reach-in chambers?

Yes, Labworks International can assist with the installation and setup of reach-in chambers. Our experienced technicians can handle the installation process, ensuring proper positioning, connection to utilities, and calibration to ensure optimal performance.