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Labworks International is North America’s leading manufacturer of industrial-grade controlled environment rooms. We utilize industry leading products combined with innovative engineering and an extreme focus on detail to ensure our rooms meet the most stringent requirements. Designing in quality and serviceability ensures your investment is protected for the long term. We offer a full range of clean rooms complete with all required equipment and casework.

Labtech<sup>*</sup> Eco-Series


LOW GWP R448/R452a

High Efficiency Environmental Chambers

Available in multiple custom configurations, the LABTECH* ECO-Series offers the world's most eco-friendly environmental chambers with precision-controlled temperature and humidity.

Labworks manufactures a full range of custom controlled environment rooms ideal for validated storage and handling, higher education, research, and pharmaceutical applications. Our rooms offer precise control over temperature and relative humidity, and are the most eco-friendly environmental chambers in the world with 56% lower energy consumption.
High efficiency environmental chambers

Labworks provides a complete range of stability chamber designs with flexible performance parameters. Our designs can meet the changing requirements of product testing and deliver stable rooms at 25°C/30RH to 40°C/75RH.

Our solutions are designed to provide:

  • A high degree of accuracy, stability and reliability;
  • Maximum uptime and low maintenance;
  • Simple operation and non-proprietary part sources.
ICH Stability Chambers

Walk-In Cold Rooms / Incubators

Featuring Labworks' innovative Labtech refrigeration system, our walk-in cold rooms are ideal for any application requiring precise and reliable temperature control. Temperatures are user adjustable in a full range from 4°C up to 37°C, ±0.5°C. Our systems mount outside of the room which maximizes available space and eliminates the requirement for drain lines and other equipment within the room. Our highly efficient systems are found in universities, hospitals, and reseach institutions throughout North America.

Validated Cold Rooms / Freezers

Labworks specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of validated environments. Our 2°C – 8°C validated cold rooms are available in sizes ranging from small walk-in rooms up to warehouse-sized coolers. Each room is engineered to guarantee it fully passes all mapping and validation tests. Walk-in freezers utilize our industry-leading 'constant temperature coil' to ensure there are zero excursions in temperature performance during all operating conditions for the freezer. We offer full mapping and validation services through our partner Thermal Consulting.
Validated cold rooms

GMP Cold Clean Rooms

Validated clean rooms are our specialty. Stringent requirements on cleanliness combined with strict temperature performance make proper engineering a critical factor with GMP grade clean rooms. Our designers ensure temperature and particle performance compliant with the regulations for the designated grade of clean room. A variety of panel surface coatings are available to suit the process requirements of the area.
GMP cold clean rooms

Insect Rearing Rooms

Carefully designed for reasearch environments, the innovative features of our insect rearing rooms ensure accurate and long-term operation. Advanced industrial-grade control panels with simple user interfaces allow flexibility during the study term. We utilized specially protected coils and equipment to ensure proper performance and a long lifespan of the equipment. Our specialized programmable lighting system allows for efficient operation under a range of conditions and includes a red-light feature for harvesting.
Insect rearing rooms

Explosion-Proof ( Class 1, Division 2) Environmental Rooms

In many cases research and production spaces require environmental chambers that are intrinsically safe or explosion-proof. The use of products such as acetone or ethylene can produce conditions where there can be no open electrical components in the space. Labworks specializes in these complex solutions and has pioneered non-electric door heaters and explosion-proof evaporators for these purposes. These chambers and rooms are available in both standard and validated (GMP) configurations.
Explosion proof chambers

Archival Rooms

Compliant to the most stringent standards, Labworks custom designs archival rooms for a range of material and conditions. Highly precise and consistent temperatures and humidity are required for valuable items that are archived. With 100% redundancy, integrated security features, and all conditioning equipment outside of the space, these rooms are ideal for storage of high value assets. We can provide important options such as dry sprinkler systems, embedded security systems, and high-density storage systems.
Archival rooms


Why are Controlled Environment Rooms necessary?

These rooms are crucial for industries like pharmaceuticals, electronics, and biotechnology, ensuring optimal conditions for processes that demand stringent environmental control.

What parameters do Controlled Environment Rooms regulate?

They control temperature, humidity, pressure, cleanliness, and often particle count, creating an ideal setting for sensitive processes and experiments.

How do Controlled Environment Rooms benefit industries?

They enhance product quality, improve yields, and maintain compliance with regulatory standards, ultimately leading to increased efficiency and reduced risks of contamination.

Is a Controlled Environment the Same as a Cleanroom?

No, a Controlled Environment is a broader term encompassing various environments with controlled parameters. A Cleanroom, on the other hand, is a specialized type of Controlled Environment designed for exceptionally low particle levels.

Difference Between a Controlled Environment and a Cleanroom

While both involve environmental control, a Controlled Environment includes settings with regulated factors like temperature and humidity. A Cleanroom is a subset, emphasizing stringent cleanliness standards with controlled particle levels for specific industrial applications.

How is the continuous cold chain maintained for temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals?

Most importantly, some products such as pharmaceuticals are temperature sensitive and the cold chain must be maintained continuously from the point of manufacturing to the point of storage and ultimately distribution. This ensures that the integrity and effectiveness of the medications are maintained at all times.

These temperature-sensitive drugs require temperature-controlled environments, also known as classified cold rooms, which have different classification grades.

How important are utilities for controlled environmental chambers?

Utilities are critical to the ongoing support of the mechanical and electrical systems that will keep the room running at its peak performance. We always recommend emergency utilities if the stored materials in the environmental room are of any significant value.

What obligations do we have, to maintain or certify the installed environmental chambers?

Any regulated controlled environmental room may require regular maintenance and ongoing certification and validation to ensure that the systems are performing to the original specifications.

The certification may be required by governing bodies of the pharmaceutical or pharmacology or agency regulating and approving the environmental chamber or environmental room for its intended purpose. It is the clients responsibility to provide continual maintenance mechanically and electrically as well as provide regular validation and calibration.

Certification of the alarming setpoints should also be verified on a regular basis to account for wear and tear on the systems and natural sensor and recording element drift. This is considered normal practice and good due diligence to ensure the environmental rooms meet the standards of the governing agencies associated with the work.

Is there anything we need to do to the environmental chamber room shell on an ongoing basis?

Any controlled environment should be cleaned and disinfected regularly with non-caustic cleaners so that they do not damage the panel surfaces.

Regular inspection on the door gaskets should be done to look for wear and tear, or breaches in the sealing capability of the door seals.

The door hinges and heaters should be checked regularly as well.

It is advised to provide regular lubricant to all moving parts. Otherwise, the room shells typically last a very long time. When maintained regularly.

The room joints should be inspected and checked annually to ensure that the normal expansion and contraction of the room does not adversely affect the integrity of the caulked joints within the environmental chamber. Maintaining a high degree of vapour ceiling is strongly recommended at all times.

Door gasket and window heaters should be checked annually as well. To ensure they are working and functioning as intended.

These measures will provide many years of satisfactory operation from the environmental rooms and environmental chambers

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