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The cold chain refers to the logistics management process of ensuring temperature-sensitive products are kept at the required temperature range to maintain their quality and safety from start to finish in accordance to Health Canada guidelines.

Reliable cold storage is especially important for suppliers in the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industries as many pharmaceutical products, samples, and specimens have strict humidity and temperature requirements, which can, in turn, affect their integrity, effectiveness, and quality.

Cold chain storage
Cold chain storage rooms
Cold storage design and construction

Ensure a Strong Cold Chain With Labworks International Cold Storage Solutions

Labworks International provides high-quality precision-controlled environments for safe and reliable storage of temperature-sensitive goods.

We are cold storage construction specialists that provide conceptual designs, engineering, procurement, full construction management and commissioning to meet the strict regulatory needs of our pharmaceutical and cold chain clients.

Each cold room manufactured by Labworks International is optimized to maintain a constant temperature throughout the unit which ranges from -50°C to +80°C. Our designs leverage the latest in computer modelling software to ensure results achieve the highest performance in terms of temperatures, consistency and reliability.

Industry-Standard Cold Storage Construction & Design Services

Regardless of the size of your facility, our cold storage construction specialists can design, deliver, and install a custom system with your specific requirements. The Labworks International team of engineers also offers full validation to GMP protocols, including turn-key IQ/OQ/PQ validation development and execution services with mapping and calibration.

With our critical temperature solutions, you can expect:

  • A high degree of accuracy, stability, and reliability
  • Maximum uptime, minimum maintenance, and long life cycle value
  • Simple operation and non-proprietary part sources
  • Validation compliant with GMP protocols

Our cold storage construction experts has extensive experience with end-use customers as well as 3PL companies. For 3PLs, Labworks is able to provide turn-key design-build projects based on inputs such as available space, pallets required, and temperature requirements of the product to be stored.